Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Women in ministry

I'm currently thinking about the role of women in ministry. I'm expecting an e-mail from the minister i met on Monday to discuss (potentially) vocationally important theological standpoints.

I figure the question of women and ministry will come up.

Truthfully, i don't have a problem with women exercising the gifts God has given them. In fact, i reckon the church should be all for it.

If this means up front ministry, so be it. If they are good at it, even better. Just like any member of the church, male or female.

I think the bible is pretty clear, when it speaks in Joel about the Holy Spirit being poured out to both genders and men and women ministering in the Spirit. This, along with the value Jesus gave women during his ministry and the role they played in the early church, particularly in the last chapter of Romans, paint a compelling picture.

For me, i feel that you should start from the position that both genders should exercise ministry freely in a church, and you need to be theologically argued away from that position, not vise-versa (women are excluded until you are convinced otherwise).

Beyond this, logically, it's pretty stupid to exclude women.

First of all, the majority of churchgoers are of the fairer gender. Why would you choose to exclude 2/3 of your congregation? When you want to equip and empower all people to have an active, purposefully ministry, why would you not give them an avenue to have one? And, why would you not give them examples to follow and look up to?

More so, why would it be ok for a women to lead/teach children or teenage guys, but not adults? Are we that precious? And what message does it send when woman can teach other lasses, but not blokes?

Seems quite silly really...

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