Monday, April 13, 2009

Belting up like a man

On Saturday night i was chastised by Gavin for for way i do up my belt. Turns out i do it in a womanly fashion. I tuck the leftover section of my belt into my right belt hook first. Poor form I'm told.

So, falling in line, i changed my belt there and then. Was it done in public? Yes. Did that make me feel odd for the rest of the night? Definitely.

It reminded me of something that was touted as a way to remind yourself of God's presence. In short, you would change a routine and thus have an avenue to be reminded to pray.

Normally, it would be the way you tie your shoes, the wrist you wear your watch on, your phone ring/message tone or the hands you hold your knife and fork. Well i have a new item to add to the list... the way you tighten your belt.


Gavin said...

Well if your not a woman then your in the same group as Russ and Gardie... I know i'd belt up like a man.

Claire said...

Just as long as it stays there to keep your pants up.