Monday, April 20, 2009

Peter... umm no

On Friday i was reminded of my remembrance of names... or lack of.

In my case, it was the new kid a youth group, that random girl at camp or scripture child.

The twisted tale of forgetting kids names goes as follows...
STEP 1: The kid is introduced as "Susan."
STEP 2: I hear "Susan" with my ears, but hear "Susie" in my mind.
STEP 3: Susan is disregarded from my mind and the kid is forever known as Susie.

Sure, i know the importance of remembering names. It gives value to the kid, helps build relationships and aids in discipline, but when you have 60 kids over the week of scripture you can be forgiven for messing up the blonde Anna, with the blonde Annabele. Or the brown haired Kirsty, with Kristy or Cassy.

But back to Friday... At the bar a guy loudly exclaimed "Peter!" to another chap as he extended his hand. The response... "Umm no... Graham." (another guy who shares my name)

Giggles were had by all who heard.

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