Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Elligible or picky?

I wondered about my years of youth ministry leadership, prior to by years as a youth minster, and i wonder how i got picked.

Truth being told, i feel a great deal of it had to do with age and availability.

Sure, i believed in Jesus... i was old enough... and i didn't have anything else on. But, if i went to a larger church, would they have picked me?

Same situation for camp...

I wonder, because i didn't really face that challenge once i was at Balgowlah as youth minister. I could be relatively picky when it came to leaders. I had a large enough selection pool to choose from and could select those passionate about youth ministry.

If i were to work at a smaller church, would i still be picky or take anyone willing?

The ultimate solution lies with solid discipleship and raising up mature believers. They will eventually be the leaders of the future. But prior to then, do you "stick it out" with fewer, but better leaders? If so, do you hinder the ultimate solution?

Also, what about those who aren't great to begin with, but get better with the opportunity? After all, that was me...

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