Friday, November 2, 2018

Why the minister lets their eyes glaze over

Everyone in ministry is guilty of this...



Nodding and trying to follow a string of technical jargon shared with them by an enthusiastic volunteer.

It comes in various forms, and is dependant upon gaps in the ministers knowledge, but it’s unmissable if you observe it from the outside.

Personally, it most often happened with musicians or sound/technology officinardos.

Often, they would be trying to help. The expert would be explaining how they fixed the buzzing sound, which I probably barely noticed, or going in depth about the improvements they made or the superiority of one kind of cable over another.

No matter how we arrived at the destination, I would be lost.

Hopefully it wouldn’t show.

Herein lies the secret in negotiating the jagon-expert.

Surface learning.

Why would you bother?

Because, even if you’re lost in the technicalities, you should honour those who serve. Without them the church stops. Furthermore, you should be thankful that others have knowledge and abilities (and the willingness to use them!) which you don’t posses.