Thursday, March 7, 2019

Don’t neglect the irregular lessons

Every church has irregular participants.
Every ministry has irregular attenders.

One of my aims as a youth minister was to try to achieve 80% attendance.

But, I knew, for some, it just wouldn’t happen.

They would only turn up to some things.

But, this holds useful information.

This selective attendance can be productive in both planning and understanding those who attend your ministry.

In some cases, attendance spikes allow you to evaluate the type of gimmicks which are effective. Everything from time, inclusion of food and location can be gauged by those who will only attend if the event hits their logistic targets.

Furthermore, the types of event can help you sense what type of things they value, attract them or help them connect with God.

Do they value or avoid a certain ritual?
Do they only come with certain friends?
Do they attend at certain times of the year?

All too often we write off those who irregularly attend, understandably, focussing on those who we can count on to be present.

But, we shouldn’t neglect the information we can glean from the times fringe-attenders are present. 

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Should schools get Acts 4:31 insurance?

Currently, my church meets in a school hall due to long term redevelopment of their building.

I wonder how concerned the school is...

In theory, the church should be a great tenant.
They will be courteous.
They will be committed.
They will be clean.

But, they may also shake your building...
At least if they are an “Acts” church.

I wonder, with many churches wanting to be “like the church in Acts,” how many have reminded their landlords of Acts 4:31?

Do they warn them that their facility may be vibrated by the Holy Spirit?
Is there a form of insurance that they recommend the school get?
Or, is this covered by the “act of God” clause within policies?