Friday, April 10, 2009

Church wear

Lately I've been thinking about church and what you wear. It partly springs up because Gavin wore a suit to church (due to I'm coming straight from work) and partly because of a statement i saw on a churches website.

The church answered the potential question that visitors have about attire and worship. It said that as a bloke you would fit in with jeans and a collared shirt, and as a women... they wisely skirted around giving an answer.

With Easter approaching, i wondered if i should dress up for church. But i don't know how it would go over.

I don't think Balgowlah is a place that demands its attendees wear their "Sunday best." Definitely not in the evening service. You don't even have to wear shoes. In fact, if you did, you would stand out most weeks.

But it makes me wonder. What answer would i give if i was asked what someone should wear to church?

My first suggestion would be to wear something comfy and non-offensive.

But what message would the church send if i said to dress sharp. After all, you are coming into the presence of the Creator.

Maybe the clothes we wear could further draw us into the presence of God and enhance our worship. Perhaps...

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