Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coins 200 years in the making

I imagine the good folk (not to mention convicts) on the first fleet wondered what would become of the fledgling nation that they had "discovered" and how it would be marked in history. The answer? A large silver coin contained in a flimsy cardboard booklet.

It turns out that Ange still has her Bi-Centennial coin that we got in 1988 whilst at school. I was in year one so i probably lost it on the way home and ate the cardboard.

But my darling wife is sitting on our future retirement nest egg.

By now it must be worth... almost a dollar.

Imagine... in 50 years it's value will balloon up to... $2.50.

Maybe. If we bump into a collector. If he's having a really good. And he thinks it's something of greater value.

Or... If we melt down the coin into it's singular components and the price of cheap metals rise dramatically.

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