Thursday, April 16, 2009

Selling the bricks and morter

Over the last few days I've read the water meter of quite a few scout halls. Like churches, they seem to be everywhere and apparently own a stack of land.

I'm not the leading authority in the attendance of cubs/scouts/ventures/brownies/guides, but i don't imagine the buildings being packed to the rafters. Colour me biased by my days in a scarf and woggle, but i just don't see it...

Now imagine what the scouts could do if they merged many of the ill attended, dwindling, struggling divisions and sold the excess land. They would be loaded. They could use that to... umm... well, I'm not sure... but they could do a lot. Buy rope i guess...

The same logic could be applied to the church. Imagine the potential impact the church could make. It would be massive! There must a dozens of dying churches near other churches. Dozens of buildings that could be better used when sold and used for mission. Dozens of crappy manses that fall into a similar category.

Disclaimer #1 - I'm not ringing the death bell for the smaller church. Just the ineffective churches that will be dead in a few years, they're members just aren't all in the ground yet.

Disclaimer #2 - I'm not saying that we combine all churches until there is nothing but mega churches dotted about.

BUT, imagine what could be done with the MILLIONS of dollars that would come in from the sale of disused or run down buildings.

The buildings that remain could all be brought up to date. Churches could be adequately staffed with people who are properly paid. Training facilities could be properly resourced or established. Overseas missions could be supported and instigated.

But no, lets keep the empty manses from the 1930's...

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'Woggle' ... That's funny