Monday, April 13, 2009

Singing and what-not

Over Easter I've had cause to ponder about singing.

Church is one of the few places guys are expected to sing. Well... there, sporting events and the pub. Actually, i can add weddings to the list. Awkward, awkward weddings.

Especially Christian weddings.

Awkward because a stack of the people at the wedding aren't believers and thus don't know the songs nor believe the words. And awkward if the song has a clap.

Why? Because some Christians will clap. Very few. But some.

And they will stand out.

Not in a good way.

What's more awkward than a handfull of people clapping in time (or at least nearly) and everyone else wondering why. Or the slow decline it takes when they realise that it is awkward. Worse? When they don't desist, but persevere through the seven repetitions of the chorus.

Even worse? Actions. The song has actions...

The only way out? Man actions. When you do the actions of a song in miniature. The parameters? No actions that can't be made my moving your elbows from your side or your legs. Hands only... end of story.

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