Monday, April 27, 2009

Job identfication

I was thinking about my time "between jobs." (read unemployed for three months early last year)

It was prompted by two things. First, I've been reading water meters for just over a year now, and second, i saw a discussion about the recession and losing your job on TV.

The guy on tele said that you lose a part of your identity when you are sacked. Why? Because of the identifying question we ask others...

The question? "Hi (insert name of person you have just met), what do you do?"

We identify people by the profession they have. We, even though we don't admit it, judge people by the job they have.

When God designed people He designed them with work in mind. He gave them a purpose and a vocation in the garden. And this was good. Our work adds value to our lives. But this shouldn't be the sole label that identifies us to others...

But, when you are unemployed... How do you answer the introduction question? More importantly, how do you answer the question and maintain face?

I don't have the answer. When i was out of work, i definitely didn't have the answer. But this blog isn't always about answers... More about questions. Ramblings, if you prefer.

1 comment:

kim said...

my favourite response goes...
'hi i'm kim,i'm a nurse.'
'hi i'm graham, i'm a capricorn'