Saturday, April 25, 2009

Arr Rump Pa Pum Pum

I've said in the past that there is no Christmas without a viewing of The Little Drummer Boy.

As i trawled through the Internet with the ANZAC parade in the background (gotta love the old diggers!) i found this site ( This site gives plenty of chuckles...

One post talks about Christmas carols. In it, he give this thoughts on The Little Drummer Boy...

Little Drummer Boy - Alright, major bone to pick here. I've read the accounts of Jesus' birth numerous times, and guess what? THERE WERE NO DRUMMERS AT THE MANGER. Apparently within the past century or so, some bozo just came along and decided to write a song about a kid banging a drum while the Virgin Mary was giving birth. How did this junk get popular? This has no basis in historical reality. Had a drummer been there, Joseph would have beaten the crap out of him, like any responsible husband would. Tell me, you Dads out there, what if your wife was in labor and some kid shows up in the delivery room parum-pu-pum-pumming while your wife is pushing? You would feed him his drumsticks. This "carol" is the single worst song ever written.

I wish to clarify. I think the STORY makes Christmas (aside from Jesus), not the song held within.

And he's right. Joseph would kick his weak armed, small drummed, girlie ass.

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