Monday, April 27, 2009

Today aware or future focused

With the new shopping center quickly taking shape across the road from the church at Balgowlah i was reminded of the "eternal planning" that occurred awaiting it's construction.

Now, i don't want this to read as an attack on the church at Balgowlah, but it reminded me of the future plans that i encountered at many church interviews.

Quite often they were waiting on the completion of a "major event," be it their own building project or one "across the way."

The thing i wonder is... Can churches be to future focused? Can a church be waiting for the monument to be built, whilst treading water until that day arrives?

I think it can happen. All too often.

Too often churches "lift their eyes" to the big event on the horizon, but neglect what is at their feet, or the immediate next step in their own journey. Ministry opportunities are missed, or not fully embarked upon. Finances are tied up or decisions put off, while the "greater plans unfold."

The shame? How many people are not ministered to because they don't live in the new apartments, but a block removed? How much stronger would the church be (and be a better place in the future) if ministries flourished, not "kept afloat in the meantime?"

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