Thursday, April 16, 2009

Communion Awkwardness

Over the last few weeks there was a lot of communion about. After all, it was Easter...

I realised two potential moments of awkwardness.

First, the line up. You know, when the church members head up the front to receive communion. When do you go to line up?

If you go up first, you're eager, or in a rush. If you're near the end, what's the delay? Or, how short does the queue need to be before you step up? Can you speak in the line? Do you smile to those going back to their seats? Finally, do you let those on the isle go before you so you don't need to shimmy past? Or do you let those on the outside go first and follow, so they don't shimmy after taking the sacrament?

Second, the wine/juice drink timing. If the church is new to you, and it isn't announced prior, do you assume that you all drink together? If not, what do you do if you consume too early? Do you pretend to go with your empty cup again in unison?

Oh communion, you quagmire or potential awkwardness...

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