Sunday, April 19, 2009

Noteworthy... Not really... Happenings

I don't normally write what has been going on in my life. You know, the details of what i have actually did, not the (usually) inarticulate thoughts that plague my mind.

The past few days have been quite good, noteworthy, but not really...

On Friday... I finished work at noon around Hornsby.
Noteworthy: Because i finished early.
Not really: Because I've only worked beyond 2:30pm once this fortnight and not worked a weekend in months.

On Friday night... I went out with Gavin in an early night.
Noteworthy: Because no-one spat in our food.
Not really: Because the week before the Kebab man spat in Gavin's tray-of-meat.

On Saturday... Ange and printed out photos our our lovely cat.
Noteworthy: Because now we can begin to decorate our unit with Percy images.
Not really: Because it replaces the pictures that came with the frame about our TV.

5am, Sunday morning... Ange banished the cat from the bedroom.
Noteworthy: Because this was the first time we enabled the kitten to stalk us during the night. Ange removed the cat because it was clawing my face.
Not really: The kitten's claws were retracted at the time.

Today... Ange and i went to the Easter Show.
Noteworthy: Hand-feeding baby animals. Showbags. Winning toys. Now owning a Superman mug. Watching wood chopping.

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