Sunday, May 3, 2009

The death of Cecil

It is with a heavy heart that i write this post. Cecil, my beloved car, is officially dead. And i wasn't even behind the wheel.

Cecil didn't even have the dignity of dying by the side of the road, worn out by mechanical defect. Instead, Cecil was cut down in the prime of his life whilst innocently parked in Manly.

How you ask? Ploughed into by a drunk driver. The back smashed in. The front similarly so. Makes for a lovely set of photos, which I'll endeavour to post soon.

Time of death... 11pm, Saturday 2nd of May, 2009.

I would like to say that he has gone to a better place. But he now sits, awaiting to be crushed, in a tow truck holding facility.

Goodbye friend...


Liam said...

No way! Death of a legend. Did the driver just keep driving?

Claire said...

Ask the crushers for the cube. You can keep it in the loungroom for Percy to play with