Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pure lips?

I just heard about the "Virgin lips movement." You can also by doing a Google search or checking out this site... www.tennessean.com/article/20090503/FEATURES01/905030360

The deal is that you have your first kiss on your wedding day. I'm not sure if it's your first kiss ever, or just with your spouse, but the whole thing makes me wonder.

One, if the deal is your first kiss ever, then you need to make the decision pretty early to avoid year 6 spin-the-bottle.

Two, how do you bring this up with a potential partner? If you're with someone who isn't a committed believer, bringing up chastity is difficult enough... but kissing?

Three, how would you explain your motives to a partner? There is nothing in the Bible to say that you cannot show affection through kissing.

Four, I think the whole thing is birthed out of an unrealistic wariness over showing appropriate affection. Sure, have appropriate boundaries, but if you're going out with someone and (importantly) can stop at kissing, then why not?

Finally, how would you feel if, after waiting years for a kiss, you have your first one in front of all your family, friends and other wedding attenders? Do you remember you first kiss? Would you choose an audience of hundreds for that moment?

Ange and i were surrounded by heaps people when we first kissed. But it was the Steyne dance floor. Classy, i know...

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