Saturday, May 9, 2009


This arvo i got a new 1990 Commodore VN to replace Cecil.

Oh, she is a marvel of technology.

Her odometer doesn't work... Nor does the air con... Either does the de-mister... The passenger-side side mirror doesn't move... The panel under the steering wheel is loose... Some of the seals around the doors are shoddy... The radio is missing... and... there is a complex sequence of steps involving the rear drivers-side door to lock the car. (And this is only what i noticed on the way from Warriewood to Manly!)

And she is all mine! All mine i tell you.

A car with plenty of... character. No name, but plenty of character.


Claire said...

Don't worry, when I see her she will get a name.
I hope when I get my new car (very soon!) it doesn't have as much 'character' as yours.
I'll still let them be friends though :)

Claire said...

I just this second got the "Price is Right" reference... slow much?