Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lotto giveaways

With the defeat of Mug head behind me (I'm now back to being one of the beautiful people), i figure i should buy myself a Lotto ticket (I actually don't, but it does create a fair transition to my topic).

I wondered, what would i do if i DID win the Lotto and came into a stack of cash. Not a mere lazy million, but a serious wad of coin. Somewhere in the order of... I dunno... $20 million.

I posted a while back that i would tithe the government stimulus package, which i did, but would i do the same for a much larger amount?

And if i would, who would i give it to?

Please don't hear me saying that Christians must be legalistic tithers. I'm not convinced we this is the case. But 10% is a nice enough figure for this ramble.

So... If we go with the figure of $2 million... Should it go to the local church? Would that be best? Would the average church (with a budget of around $250,000) know what to do with such a large gift? Would they hope/expect a chuck of the winnings?

Or should it go to a non-church projects? But what?

I used to ponder this whenever college asked you for cash. If i threw a half million at college, would it solve all their issues (and I'm not picking on college, just using them as an example)?

If i look deep within my corrupted mind, my biggest concern is about the plaque. You know, the small brass notation of the gift that "was used for the glory of God."

How big would it be? What would it say? Does it have to be brass, or could i get a special one that glows in the dark or flashes?

Finally, what happens if i later went off the rails? Would my plaque be removed? Would i be erased from the archives forever?

Oh well... maybe winning the lottery creates too many hassles. I think I'll give it a miss.

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