Sunday, May 10, 2009

Small group > Bible study

In the post crash hecticness of the week i forgot to post about the small group i lead on Thursday. I thought it went ok, but with the structure i set up, it couldn't go too wrong.

In short, i opened an avenue for people to hear from God.

The reason for this were threefold.

First, I believe the God of Christianity is the Living God. A God who desires relationship with humanity, and as a part of that, communicates with His people.

Second, I think words shape your thinking, and small group is a much better term than Bible study. Small group is much more than just the "mere" study of God's Word. Small group should also encircle pastoral care, friendship and fun.

And third, I think the aim for Christians meeting together in a small group (not to mention in church) is TO HEAR FROM GOD. That doesn't have to happen in the context of Bible study alone.

On Thursday all we did was read the Bible or pray in Time Alone With God after a short spiel to help guide them.

In a hectic week, i know i was grateful for the opportunity. If each week all we did was get a short guide and given time to be with God, would be any worse than doing a 12 week study? Hmmm...

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