Saturday, May 23, 2009

The professionals?

Lately I've been thinking about the short term results when a youth minister departs. Last night, whilst chatting to Sarah and Liam, i had an epiphany.

A youth minister, i think, isn't just the hired professional. Sure, they should have some training in the way to think theologically and the necessary skills. But when it comes to why one should be hired, i think the difference is made through dedication.

When a church is without a youth minster things fray due to the lack of dedicated attention.

Someone isn't there to plan, vision, pray and be accountable to the same extent as with lay people (as great as they are!). Someone, who has fewer vocational distractions, gives the ministry he attention it deserves and pastoral care to those who help in the ministry.

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Liam Chapman said...

I've heard someone say that being payed to do ministry is essentially being payed not to work. The time that you are payed not to work is given to ministry