Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Contributions and ideas

OK, so I'm blogging less this month than normal (I've fallen below the average of one per day). But if i keep up my usual rate then I'll do somewhere between 300-340 posts a year.

So... i have an idea which I'm not sure will work.

I have two questions for you, my dear readers (both known and lurking on the web).

One - If you were going to do a guest post (which I may take you up on), what would it be titled?

Two - Is there anything you want me to post on (I assure you I can ramble on anything)?

I look forward to your replies...


Claire said...

Titles don't come until after the work is completed... duh Graham!
So to answer your question... I don't know.
I already forgot the second question... mind like a sieve.

Gavin said...

Illegal brothels in Sydney. That's my answer to every question.

Gavin said...

I have another one... The $23 i spent on kebab meat last night what an outrage!