Sunday, May 31, 2009

Background tunes

With Ange getting a new boss at work her store has been plunged into eerily silence. Unfortunately the previous boss owned and controlled the prior tunes.

But it got me thinking about church and the importance of background music. Like many things at church, it's something you only notice once it's absent.

Before the church, during active prayer and after the service, silence (i believe) isn't the greatest choice. In fact music can enhance church. Putting people in the mood for worship, provoking people into God's presence and creating an atmosphere of community and relaxation.

But be warned... church music can go awry.

One, bad music doesn't do anyone any good. Boy bands or Spice Girls do not enhance church. Ever. Neither does rap. Nor country music. But western is fine.

And two, music must be on a seldom repetition cycle. The 4,812th time a church hears a song do not enhance church.

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kim said...

on an unrelated note, i have a topic for you. i want your opinion on the gift of tongues, e.g the full extent of the gift and its proper context etc. coz i'm still unsure of where i sit on the issue. call it 'what i think about tongues'