Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Youth minister-less coin

In my mind i have stored the stat that the average time a church takes to find a new youth minister as around 12 months. From my vast experience of church interviews the time frame isn't too far off the mark.

Of course, it got me wondering... What does a church do with the cash they would have used to pay the youth minister?

Do they horde it or do they spend it on something else? And, does a church expect to be without a youth minster for so long?

I wondered because, in theory, a church should have a lazy $10-15,000 lying about. Money that has been budgeted to be spent on youth ministry.

In a perfect world (aside from being without a youth minister for only a month!), you would use it to support your lay leaders. Send them on conferences and further training. Use the cash to given them all the support they can require.

You could purchase resources that are normally offset because funds aren't available (laptops. projectors) or update the youth ministry space.

I don't personally know what should be done with the coin. But that is why I'm probably not on church finance committees...

What would i NOT want to happen? Nothing. The money just sits there. Worse still, the influx of cash is seen as a budget inflating, positive thing by the church.

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