Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When we try to be cool... We Suck

Yesterday i put a sign from some church as the background of the Seaforth office computer. The sign said "I Kissed a Girl and a Liked it Then I Went to Hell."
I found the sign both funny and saddening.

Funny because church signs are sometimes so crap. Somehow the church survived for centuries without huge noticeboards, now it seems like an impossibility. Now we must put catchy slogans on public display to get people through the door. Even worse, we display random, out of context, Bible verses that either speak of the love or judgement of God.

What's the point?

Has anyone, ever, in the history of the church and written word, been prompted to enter a church building because of a sign like the one above? Unless they are advertising an event which will interest people, or telling people what they may encounter if they come on a Sunday, isn't it better to just leave them blank?

Sure, this may make the church feel like "they aren't using an evangelical resource," but some church signs do more harm that good. If a church is so insecure that they must fill the board with SOMETHING, then put on your contact details or service times.

More than anything, crap Christian signs sadden me. Saddens me in a way that that makes me want to go all Rambo on their asses...

Why should i look like I'm included in a bunch of uncreative, judgemental, losers? I can see no positive, redemptive qualities in the church sign above. Stupid Christians is all the sign makes think... AND I'M ONE OF THEM!!!

Who knows what a non-believer thinks.

For some reason, schools never put crap slogans on their noticeboards... Maybe there's a lesson there???

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