Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Projection prayer

Over the last few weeks i have been leading a stack of church services at my new church. In the process, i have been the one who has been putting together the PowerPoint for the services.

One of the things that i have started doing, which first occurred to me at my last church, was to put as much memorised liturgy on the screen as practically possible.

In most church services there are moments when the congregation, seemingly spontaneously to an stranger/visitor, will speak words in unison.

I always notice this when the Lord's Prayer is recited.

For people with no church history, they have no idea what the words are and at my new church they didn't say the same wording that i had used at my previous church.

My solution?

Whenever i know that i will be leading a prayer-time that will conclude with the Lord's Prayer, i project the words into the screen (informing the congregation that they will be displayed).


Because I don't want to put avoidable barriers before visitors that remind them that they are "the outsider" and also, i believe one of the purposes of reciting the Lord's Prayer is that it unites us together as a church and as a part of the historical Body of Christ. Thus, we should all say the same thing, yeah?

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kim said...

don't assume the regular church goers know all the words either