Friday, September 11, 2009

Judas: The missionary

I've been wondering (with the prompting of a soundbite i heard on the radio)... What would have (hypothetically) happened if the story of Judas was more like the story of Peter?

In the gospel of Matthew, we are told of the denial of Peter just prior to the hanging of Judas.

What if Judas didn't kill himself, or at least waited until after the events of Easter Sunday?

What would have happened if he became a believer of the resurrected Christ? What if he knew the forgiveness of Jesus, the same way Peter did?

How would this have shaped the early church?

I don't have an action packed testimony where i was a drug taking, drug dealing, living on the streets as a part-time pimp, neglecting to pay child support conversion tale.

But this wouldn't match the guy who betrayed Jesus, going forth to spread the good news.

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