Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sharing... anything but...

On the weekend some of the young adults from my previous church chucked around a frisbee. Inside, I leapt with delight about friz, but also had my crest fall since I couldn't join them.

Until last year, frisbee was all the craze around church. I could chat about it with vigor.

Don't get me started about my new car. I love Big Red...

Or Campari... and the joy of combining the nectar of the God's with soda water. Delightful!

These are some of the things in life that have(used to make) my heart leap.

I dunno what it is in your life... Guitar pedals, nursing, surfing, golf, flying aeroplanes, going to college, playing AFL, your favourite band, your footy team, our mate Hotdogs from Big Brother and his late nite quiz show... whatever.

You could rave about it for hours. With a smile plastered across your face you bring up the topic with your friends and family.

But not with the gospel... Instead you'll chat about reverse snap or RISK.


Claire said...

don't get too excited. it was only Nick and myself...
hopefully more people rock up next time!

Nick said...

yeah more people are really required