Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I have the POWER!!!

First of all... I am not transformed into He-Man (get it!?!).

Today at the Code of Ethics training, we spoke a bit about power that you yield as a leader, particularly over young people.

As a leader in your +20's, you are more powerful (in no particular order)...

Title - If you are the youth minister, you have the official recognition from the church.

Consequences - You have the ability to dish out punishments and rewards.

Education – You are smarter than you kids because you have been educated at a higher level.

Physical Size – You are just BIGGER.

Life Experience – You will have seen, smelt, touched, been through many things they will not have.

Financial – You have more money then your kids and a better job.

Spiritual – You will have been a Christian longer then them. You should know the Bible better than them. They will come to you for answers.

Romance – You will know more people who have been in relationships or been in them yourself.

Age – You are older.

Emotional – You will have gone through the rigors of growing up and the emotions that it causes.

Transport – You will have your own car (well… maybe).

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