Monday, September 28, 2009

Square one

Over the weekend i put up signs in the youth room saying that the church i work for will give any kid a bible who asks for one.

Sure... I didn't tell anyone from the church... nor do i know how we will afford to buy any requested bibles... but these are just details.

Anyway... I wondered what part of the bible i would point a teen to when they got their new bible (or if i was just asked in general).

All to often, Christians just jump aimlessly around the Bible. They leap from random passage to random passage, without reason, or just stick to the favourites.

But, as a starting point, i would recommend...

The gospel of Mark - the shortest, the book of Acts - the birth and spread of the early church, the book of James - a short actions based letter and Ecclesiastes - a book about the meaning of life.

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