Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reliable #7

Finally i conclude my series on why i think the Bible is reliable.

The last reason? Life change.

For generations, the Bible has changed the way people have lived and transformed their lives. As God reveals His nature through the Bible, people have had genuine encounters with God and the way He calls them to live for their (and others) benefit.

Actually, this reason should be the one that needs to go unstated.

When people look at believers and the way that they live, there should be little room for doubt in the Bible. Unfortunately that not always the case.


If nothing else....

Read the Bible. Especially if you haven't before, but say that the Bible is unreliable or a lie.

Open the gospel of Mark (the shortest gospel) and see what it says about who Jesus was, how he lived, what he taught, how he died and how he was raised to life.

See if it has the ring of truth. Be open to the idea that God could communicate with you through these pages. See what changes in your life occur if you follow what it says.

You could just become evidence that the Bible is the Word of God after all...

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