Thursday, September 24, 2009

Street walking dilemma

No, I'm not considering becoming a prostitute.

But at yesterdays Code of Ethics training, i was walking to the pub for lunch and my group was faced with a dilemma. The same dilemma that faces me every time i leave church.

Do you use the traffic lights when they are 50 meters away and you need to cross the road?

My church is situated between two sets of lights, opposite the car park where my car is usually situated.

I'm torn. Really, i shouldn't be.

Under my "is it a sin" checklist, I'm stuffed. To not use the lights is illegal. I am told to obey the laws of the land in the Bible. Secondly, it bothers me enough to write a blog about it...

Especially if I'm going to cross a busy four lane road... Especially directly in front of the church i work for...

I should use the lights.

Yesterday, on the way to the Pymble Pub, we walked the few hundred meters to the lights.

Wise decision.

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