Monday, September 28, 2009

Default programs

You can feel it in the air... New television programs are coming.

So, what awaits our not-to-distant future?

Re-runs of Scrubs, old episodes of Two and a Half Men and repeats of the Simpsons.



Some "brand new-exciting-newest thing to hit our screens-hilarious-moving-fresh-revolutionary show" will flop.

Then... cue the default programs. The TV equivalent of junk food. Shows that won't rate well, but no-one will openly complain. Shows that you could almost quote verbatim. Shows that will never inspire nor challenge. Shows that offer no nourishment and will be forgotten quickly.

Actually, we did the same thing when i was a college.


The default chapel service: Sing Shout to the Lord/Blessed be Your Name and then break up into triplets and share/pray.

Too often, we probably serve up the equivalent of ministry/church junk food.

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