Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meeting chuckle notes

I'm a snide comment maker.

I'm a note writer.

I'm a trouble maker.

I'm the guy who makes you laugh when you shouldn't.

For your own good, don't sit next to me during a meeting.

But I've toned it down. I'm trying to reform. Before i worked at a church i used to be much worse. I would deliberately sit next to a fun person and trade humorous barbs, creating awkward cackles and spurts of giggles.

The favourites...

Are we still talking about this?



Audible groan!

Kill me now.

Come Lord Jesus, save me!

Check out (insert name here)... I think their soul is trying to escape the meeting, but leave their corpse behind.

Actually, i love the last one. There are few meetings that go by where someone (usually a guy in their +60's) doesn't look like they are intolerably suffering through the meeting. Either they will try to hide their boredom by stroking their head, scrunching up their face or try to minimise the inevitable head bob from almost falling asleep.

The ultimate? Snoring.

Nothing beats the sound of quiet snoring to cause the meeting to grind to a halt and everyone look around awkwardly... Awesome.

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