Monday, August 3, 2009

Travel times

Over the last little while some well-meaning people have been concerned about the 40 minute drive i have to get to my new church.

My response is that it's not a huge deal, especially compared to the rest of the working world. The majority of workers travel AT LEAST 40 minutes to get to work. Why should i be so different? Am i really that precious, or ill prepared?

But over the last two days i would have killed for a 40 minute commute.

On Sunday, i left home at 9:15am to get to church. I arrived nearly 5 hours later!

Why? One broken fuel pump, a 60 minute wait for the NRMA, two ill-directed tow-truck drivers and a 150 minute wait for a tow.

Then, today, i had to catch public transport home from water meter reading at Ryde. I wound up at four in the arvo, but didn't walk through my front door till 6:30.

Gavin welcomed me into the world of a "normal" worker...

But then again, SOME PEOPLE, had a holiday today... sleeping in... eating KFC for lunch... even though they don't actually work for a bank! Those people are jerks!


Gavin said...

Nothing beats a day off... Enjoy your travel time today. hahahah

Claire said...

stop working so far away, I miss you!