Wednesday, August 5, 2009

End time meetings

Today we reached the mid-way point of the water meter reading quarter... And i shuddered with fear...

Why? A mega meeting is now half way upon me.

In approximately 2 months i will have a meeting that will drain my soul.

At the end of each quarter i endure a painful water meter readers meeting (I've posted how bad they are before) and, the next meeting will be brutal. It will involve the usual repetitive drivel AND multiple (unenthralling) presentations on sun-protection and OHS issues.

But the wost thing? It will be an extended meeting. A meeting which has no fixed finishing time.

Surprise, surprise... It got me thinking.

We should always give the start AND end time of the meetings we hold.

First of all, it will show people we value their time. A definite finishing time gives others a chance to plan their days effectively. No more... once the meeting ends I'll rock on whenever...

Secondly, it focuses those in the meeting. Either the items on the agenda will be completed in the allotted time or carried over. No exceptions. Important things will get preference over the secondary issues.

At worse it will cut down the waffle that clouds meetings... and who wouldn't love that!

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