Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sin loving and getting what's coming

Yesterday i was reminded of my first ever talk that went over two minutes. It was an assignment at college and was a youth talk on the topic "How far can we go?"

In the feedback i received, someone made the point that i should have mentioned that people enjoy sinning, or at least getting really, really close to sin.

That point popped into my head as my mind wandered abouts the parable of the Prodigal Son.

I reckon the prodigal son had a great time and sometimes we forget that.

Disobeying God can be quite enjoyable. Before he lost all his cash, the youngest brother would have had a wonderful time.

When thinking of those who have left the church, we should keep this in mind. Not in an envious manner, but at least aware.

But, i can't help but think that we sometimes become bitter like the brother who stayed behind. We secretly desire those who are sinning to "cop what's coming to them" (or am i just a jerk?).

In parts of us, the parts that we don't audibly say or acknowledge, we want God to make them hit rock bottom.

We wouldn't mind them getting arrested... Just once.

Or busted with the drugs that they are taking... Just a small amount.

Or have a near miss whilst drunk... or speeding... or cheating.

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