Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Single exposure

In the book I'm reading about church transitions and change, the author brought up the idea of church comparisons.

It got me thinking hypothetically... How would your view of church change if you only were only exposed to one type of church?

If you're home church, no matter what you currently think of it, was the only one you have ever experienced, would you value it more?

Would your appreciation of the preaching at your church change if that was all that you had ever heard? No Discoll. No Piper. No McManus.

Would you value the worship more if you had never heard a worship CD? No Hillsong. No Planetshakers.

Would your expectations of church growth change if you had never heard of a mega-church? No Mars Hill. No CCC. No Fellowship Church.

Hmmm... Would the local church have been healthier in the minds of the congregation prior to the days when you were aware of all the innovative, creative, growing, successful and dynamic churches in the next town, across the country or around the world?

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