Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not thanking Jesus

I stumbled across this blog...

First of all, no, i am not an avid NFL blog trawler, nor the New York Times.

Second, i loved the comment the last person made...

However, just once I’d like to hear an inductee say during his speech: “I’d like to point out that Jesus Christ nor any other religious figure or group had anything to do with my success in football. I succeed to the point of being voted into the Hall of Fame because I worked my butt off on the field, and in the weight and film rooms. I had great coaches and great teammates and they helped me become a better player. That is why I’m in the Hall of Fame today, not because of Jesus.”

I wonder what the fall out would be? My bet is nothing. It may make the news. The local news.

I don't think i wouldn't be hearing about the controversial NFL Hall Of Fame speech.

So, mentioning Jesus in an acceptance speech, in or out? I'm in the middle of planning my Oscar/Grammy/Emmy/Tony/Logie/Nobel Peace Prize/Balgowlah Boys High "By Effort We Achieve" Award speech. I'm not sure if Jesus would get a mention.

Actually, i kind of cringe when people blab on about Jesus during speeches. I wouldn't want to add to that moment.

But I'm just a wuss... And please... Don't quote Matthew 10:32-33 or Romans 1:16 at me.

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