Friday, August 21, 2009

Do not go past GO, head staraight to a Counsellor

I just got back from a Jesus, All About Life youth ministry meeting which was pretty good.

One thing we discussed was the huge youth event that we are putting on at the end of October. It sounds fine with a few bands and a speaker... the usual gig.

But we did talk about follow-up and the use of counsellors (youth leaders kids can talk to who make a decision to come to faith or just need to chat) on the night.

My problem? The name. Counsellors.

Nothing seems worse to me then telling a teenager, who has just made a massive decision, that they should now go chat to a counsellor (even if it is just a term for a really cool, wise, mature, fun youth minister).


The term counsellor has negative connotations.

At least it would have in my ears when i was a teen.

When you're broken, you go see a counsellor. When you're stressed, you go talk to a counsellor. If you're a murderous, whack-job loon, you're examined by a counsellor.

And, it turns out, if you have just decided to place your trust in Jesus... you're invited to chat with a counsellor.


Liam C said...

Perhaps there wouldn't be so many people in the counsellors office during the hard times if they had spoken to a counsellor during the good times. Also, isn't the Holy Spirit a Counsellor?

Graham said...

Good points.

Still, the idea that would pop into my mind as a teen would be that "chatting to a counsellor" isn't something i wouldn't have viewed in a positive light.

Only the name bugs me.