Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flamingo Insurance

I just read this fundraising idea at

Flamingo Insurance — Sell flamingo insurance to church members in various amounts which guarantee that their homes will not be the flocking ground of pink flamingo lawn ornaments. Place as many lawn ornaments as you can on uninsured lawns, and charge a service fee for their removal. To add even more fun, one member can hire a flamingo hit on another member by paying more than what that person bought their insurance for. Provide the opportunity for the insured to increase their insurance amount.

For some reason, i like it.

You could do a similar thing for garden gnomes. Cough up or they will encounter "unfortunate circumstances."

Actually, you could do the same thing with cars... or pets... or children. But that might get you arrested.

Sure, you'll raise a pretty impressive wad of cash, but you'll be in jail.

1 comment:

Claire said...

I love it.
Very stealth.
However I might be pretty pleased with a pink flamingo on the front lawn... the rest of the family though...