Thursday, November 1, 2012

Priority Ramblings

I'll admit something which the sidebar of this blog has made painfully obvious. I'm blogging less.

In the past I've tried to churn out five items a week. Now I've settled into the routine of writing something every couple of days. Maybe slightly less.

I use the term "churn out" purposefully because that was how it felt some times. I was spouting out content "because it was due" on my imaginary posting calendar.

But it went further than that.

I knew that a decrease in posts would have consequences.

My blog would get less hits.
I would have less of "a voice."
I would be less "out there" in the WWW.
My imaginary drove of readers would faithfully click on my Ramblings and see... nothing new.

But life has changed.

I'm now a proud father to a seven-month-old.
For the last 12+ months I've been writing Tiny Bible Bits thrice a week (thus robbing my blog of amaz-irffic content).
My church commitments became increasingly varied as my current position winds down.

And because these reasons, especially the first one, outweighed the importance of this blog I wore the cost...
Hits have dropped.
I haven't submitted a guest post for a few months.
Sometimes, like now, there have been a couple of days without a fresh post.

And I imagine that very, very, few people have really noticed.

And whilst I still value this outlet.
And if you read my Ramblings then that is swell.
And I'd love you're input of what I write about.
And... If I become "Internet famous" then that's great.

It really comes down to the meat of this post about why I turned down a full time ministry job.

The more important things must come first... In life. In ministry. In blogging.

(I'm sure I'll write something profoundly insightful in another day or so. You all come back now!)

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