Monday, November 12, 2012

Repetitive lessons

Last week I spoke at the Christian lunch time group at the local high school. Afterwards, one of the quality students mentioned that the passage was one she had bumped up against multiple times over the last week.

Whilst I didn't say it out loud, I wanted to ask what God was trying to teaching her, since it may not be a coincidence that God kept placing the passage before her. 

Then I remembered the story of Joseph in the Old Testament.

Tomorrow I'll be watching the second half of the Joseph VeggieTale in scripture, following up the reciprocal lesson last week.

I'll be doing the same thing on Thursday.

This is on the back of referring to Joseph during my aforementioned talk.

And doing a high school scripture lesson on him a fortnight ago.

Finally, I mentioned Joseph while answering a query about faith ensuring you a life of "happiness, health, wealth, attractiveness and popularity."

The point of the lessons on Joseph's life have been...

1 - God will not spare you from the bad stuff in life.
2 - God will be with you through the good and the bad times.
3 - God himself, through becoming incarnate, knows what it is like to be human; both the good and the bad.
4 - Thus God is able to sympathise when we cry out to Him in the tough times.

The lesson which I think God is trying to get through to me? I think number 2 is taking some time to sink in...

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