Saturday, November 17, 2012

Best in the World!?!

Everyone wants to be #1
We look up to those who are in the gold medal position.

I've previously written about the numerous job interviews I've had since 2008 I could now add another three or four to the list.

Some interviews have resulted in me getting the position. For others, I know it's been a line-ball decision between myself and another, and in some cases, I've been told that the church "is... umm... pursuing another option."

In the world of ministry there is no reigning world champion. There are no national titles. You aren't able to declare that you're the best or the greatest or the most successful.

But I'm not sure how useful the claim would be anyway.

For the best, most talented, most charismatic, most culturally aware youth minister I have ever know is no longer working at their church. Nor are they working in any church.

In fact, as far as I can tell, he isn't even a follower of Jesus any more.

A similar story plays out with the most influential youth minister in my life.

Any church would want someone proficient with the necessary skill set to do the job well, but being the top of the youth-minister-food-chain isn't the guarantee of success like it might be in the professional world.

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