Sunday, November 4, 2012

Who wouldn't hire a Wookie?

A hippy.
An old man.
A yobbo.
A dirty Mexican.
Many, many, photos being a creeper...

As someone looking for a job for 2013, I'm told that potential employers will trawl through my social media profiles.

The above are some of the pictures they will find.

And, as a youth minister, that isn't unusual.
At camps you dress up.
At events, or during their promotion, I've made a mighty big fool of myself all too often.

In fact, some of these photos could assist in my search for a new ministry position.

But, they might send the exact opposite message to a potential employer who isn't church based.

So... how long should it be until I de-ministry-ify my social media profiles? I vote for never.

Who wouldn't want Chewbacca working for them?

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