Thursday, November 22, 2012

Connecting with the old folks home

I remember one activity my youth ministry did when I was a teen.
I prefer the word remembered, but the term scared could also be appropriate.

For one old bloke had a hole in his head.
Or at least a hearty divot.
And we chatted about Agatha Christie novels for around ten minutes.

Ideally, annually, one of the school-year-based discipling groups would go to the local retirement home and chat with the oldies.

Sometimes it was awkward.
Really awkward.

At other times it was hugely rewarding.

I think every church should, where reasonable, have a connection with a nearby retirement village.

And every youth ministry should take advantage of these existing partnerships.

The reason?

The, all too often shut in and lonely, elderly get someone to talk to.
The youth are encouraged to connect with those whom society tells them to ignore.

Who knows, the youth minister could establish connections which result in the acquisition of a bus which they can borrow.

Everyone wins.

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