Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fill the vacancy

I feel like I've had this rant before.
If I have, I can't track it down.

The closest I've gotten is this post about kids who leave and do nothing. I'm going to mash the main thrust of that post with one I did about giving leaders a chance to step down but providing an amnesty period.

If you want to step back from leading in a ministry... no matter if it's as an elder, youth group leader, door greeter, musician, whatever... please have something to step back into.

Maybe your passion for a ministry has wained.
Perhaps your life stage has shifted.
There may even be an irreparable personality clash.

Unless you are forced to step down due to burnout, stepping from one ministry into a vacuum is not, in my opinion, what God intends. God intends every member of the Body of Christ to be active.

Leave with grace.
Wish them well.

But don't let your next destination be floating about in nothingness.

No matter if you're departing on a positive note or a low point, if you say that you are going towards something else (something that you feel God is calling you to be a part of, something you are passionate about, another ministry with a need) then the leader will take your departure much better.

Heck, they may even affirm the direction you are taking and (shock!) send you with their blessings.

Imagine that...

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