Friday, November 2, 2012

No Movember

It's November, so once again, the clock is ticking for blokes to grow moustaches for Movember.

As good as the cause is (raising awareness of prostate cancer and Men's mental health issues)...
As wonderful as the $300+ million raised is...
As excellent as having 1.9 million people participating is...

I just... um... won't can't do it.

The reasons?

1 - I can't really grow a moustache... Aside from a dirty, Mexican, pedophile one.
2 - I can't afford to be prohibited from schools and young people for 30 days.
3 - I don't want to scare my daughter.
4 - My wife detests it whenever I go without shaving for long periods and I'd rather not force my darling wife to leave me.

So I can't do it.

Because, if I did, would you let this guy near children???

That all being said, donate to the cause here.

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