Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Minor action men

Last Sunday a bloke came up to me with a small oil bottle to apply on the church's squeaky table legs.

He notices such things.

Every church has a few people who notice such things. Little things. Things which normally don't catch the eye of others.
Maybe it is a broken or flickering light.Or that the cushions needs reupholstering.
Or that the tap is dripping in the bathroom.
Or that there's a persistent buzzing sound during the church service.

And, whilst I had noticed the ear piercing screech of the table legs, I would have lived with it.

But there are a rare breed who walk among us.

No matter what it is... These people not only notice these small things, but actually DO SOMETHING about it.

These people are THE BEST.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why he came up to you, and didn't quietly get on with simply oiling the squeaky legs?

Graham said...

If this guy wasn't busy playing in the band I have no doubt he would have fixed the problem himself... without telling anyone what he was doing.

It's another trait of people who notice the minor things.