Sunday, September 25, 2011

Virtical bungee

I'm going to loose my mind because spell check has no idea whether (or weather) I mean lose or loose.

And I know it bugs AT LEAST one other person.

Last term my church was involved in an event which advertised a "virtical bungee."

Now this was askew on a few levels.

1 - The first word is definitely not correct and the second is debatable. Vertical Bungie would be more in the ball-park.

2 - An inside vertical bungie would be an OHS nightmare. Horizontal is the axis where far fewer kids get injured.

From those who noticed, it didn't send a confidence-increasing message.

I've been guilty of this slip up plenty of times in the past (like the latest note I sent to the teens and my previous blog post). You could call it a habit. A nasty habit.

It is something that I wish I could kick.

When you hand out notes or bibles studies, the first reaction you desire is not a "quick... let's find the typo."

No one wants that reputation.

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Anonymous said...

Why not try phrasing things so you don't have to use those terms which trouble you? Instead of "I'm going to loose/lose my mind", try using "I'm going to go out of my mind.